Why You Should (Not) Start A Podcast


Start a podcast!You should totally start a podcast!!I really think I should start a podcast!!! All stuff you’ve heard or even said. Starting a podcast can seem like a great…

Podcast Equipment: What You Really Need & Why


When someone talks about podcast equipment, its real easy to get confused and feel massively overwhelmed. Because there’s so many types out there and at various price points, it can…

How To Start A Podcast The Easy Way


Have you ever wished someone would just tell you how to start a podcast the easy way? Deciding is one thing but there’s so much information on the subject, literally…

Struggling To Create A Character?


The struggle to create a character is very real for many fiction writers, screenwriters and playwrights. So, if you’re currently struggling to create a character for your novel, screenplay or…

Writing Prompts: All You Need To Know


Ever wanted to write a story but weren’t sure where to start and you knew you’d do OK if you just got some writing prompts? Or you don’t know what…

Short Story Elements: The 6 You Must Use


You might be thinking of writing a short story but you’re not sure what short story elements are. Or you might know they exist but with all the information out…

What Book Reviewers Want


Ever wondered what makes book reviewers tick? Who they are What they do Why they say No When they say Yes How to approach book reviewers to review your book?…

How To Write A Short Story FAST!!!


What if I could show you how to write a short story fast? Cos you know, why not? You may have tried already to write a short story. But the…

How To Write A Novel The EASY Way


If only someone could tell you how to write a novel the easy way. Because you’ve tried to write one and zilch. No inspiration, no skill, no idea where or…

Why You (Don’t) Need A Novel Outline


If you’re a writer reading this, there is a chance that wrong beliefs about a novel outline are holding you back from producing your greatest work.  It is entirely possible…

Why Writers Can’t Stop Procrastinating


You can’t stop procrastinating. Even if you’ve been given a writing deadline. As it gets nearer, you know you’re not going to make it. You’re not really sure how you…

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