How To Start A Podcast The Easy Way


Have you ever wished someone would just tell you how to start a podcast the easy way?

Deciding is one thing but there’s so much information on the subject, literally everywhere you look.

Has it occurred to you that some of the information out there about how to start a podcast, makes podcasting seem like a really difficult, unnecessarily complicated and punitively expensive thing?

So, it can be easy for you to be overwhelmed and feel discouraged because even after seeing or hearing all that information, you still don’t know how to start a podcast.

That’s why I’ve prepared this blog post. And I promise that if you read to the end, you’ll know how to start a podcast the easy way.

You’re just five steps away from knowing how to start a podcast the easy way.

1) Pick your podcast topic

What will my podcast be about? is literally the first question that anyone who wants to know how to start a podcast the easy way, needs to ask themselves.

There are podcast topics of all kinds – which is why we have the popular, not so popular, and obscure niches that podcasts fall into.

And they start from general podcast ideas such as relationships, finance, marriage, divorce, career, sports and fitness, weight loss, weight gain, eating disorders, legal matters, education, celebrity shenanigans. You get the picture…

I’d honestly advise that if you really want to know how to start a podcast the easy way, you don’t pick your podcast topic based on the podcasts that seem to be doing well, alone.

Simply because there are often a number of different factors at play when a podcast appears to be successful. Factors that you may not be aware of at all, may not have considered and you may not be able to replicate.

Trying to copy a celebrity that already has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, whose newly launched podcast on relationships or music got a hundred thousand downloads in one week, is really not how to start a podcast the easy way.

Just like it’s not necessarily a good use of your time to start a podcast for the make-up industry, just because your bestie who’s a make-up artiste talked about doing one.

If you’re really serious about experiencing how to start a podcast the easy way, when it comes to picking a podcast topic, honestly ask yourself What do I bring to the table?

2) What type of podcast is it?

By type, I mean format. There are different types of podcasts in existence that you can pick from.

And no, podcast types or formats not all created equal. Literally speaking, that is.

The most popular types of podcasts are interview shows, conversational shows, solo podcasts, documentary-type and true storytelling podcasts, podcast theatre, and educational shows.

Each type of podcast show presents a different level of complication, and requires a different skill set and knowledge base.

And if you’re truly serious about knowing by virtue of experience, how to start a podcast the easy way, you’re going to need to get acquainted with what is required for your podcast format.

You also need to decide pretty quickly what format your podcast will have before you even launch.

3) Choose your podcast equipment

Not being able to choose the right podcast equipment is one of things that convinces people that they don’t know how to start a podcast.

So, we’re simplifying it for you here. When it comes to podcast equipment, you need:

  • a microphone
  • recording equipment
  • audio editing software
  • a podcast host that’ll distribute your podcast to places like Apple, Spotify and Google.

4) Sort out your marketing

You could literally have the best content in the world on your podcast, but if those it’s beneficial to and who may even be looking for it, don’t know a) that it exists or b) where it is, what’s the point?

Having your podcast on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts is NOT marketing. That is distribution.

Just like having your eBook published and available on Amazon KDP is NOT marketing. But I digress, kinda…

Have you any idea just how many podcasts are published daily? So, having your podcast sit on the same market shelf as other podcasts in your niche, doesn’t mean it’ll get found.

And if it doesn’t get found, it won’t be heard. So, what do you do?

Don’t just wait for your podcast to be found; get proactive about putting your podcast in front of people who are looking for what’s in the podcast.

So, they might not specifically be looking for you – but that’s only cos they don’t know you.

However, if they’re looking for what you offer in your podcast, there are ways and means to drive them to look in your direction. That’s marketing.

Your podcast needs a marketing masterplan; that’s non-negotiable. You need a definite podcast marketing strategy.

And unless you want to struggle or have the painful, personal experience of how to start a podcast the hard way, you need to think of and sort your marketing BEFORE you launch.

Now, don’t you despair and give up because you don’t have the money to take out a billboard advertisement for your podcast in your city centre. Just breathe.

For marketing your podcast – AKA drawing the attention of people who want what your podcast is offering and giving them at least one good reason to anticipate your podcast – think:

  • zeroing in on exactly who your audience is
  • podcaster (your) bio
  • podcast trailer
  • podcast name, description and category
  • podcast artwork
  • targeted, social media advertising (if your audience is on social media)
  • podcast launch date

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5) Hit the Record button

So, this point might seem obvious or redundant, but I promise it’s really not.

I mean, what is the point of making all these plans to start a podcast the easy way and nobody ever hears the podcast because you never ACTUALLY record anything?

No matter how much people anticipate your podcast content, they can’t listen to it if it’s not where they expect it to be.

If you don’t upload your podcast content to a podcast host to distribute it to where people have been told to expect it to be, your podcast won’t be where it can be found.

And if you don’t record something, you won’t have anything to edit.

So, there’ll be nothing to upload to a podcast host, to distribute to places (like Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts) where people go to listen to podcasts.

Nobody but you can hear the possibly great podcast content you have, if it stays in your mind.

If you’ve taken all the time and effort to learn how to start a podcast the easy way, isn’t it a waste if you don’t actually record anything?

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