Why Publishing A Book Wasn’t A Good Idea


So you thought publishing a book would be a good idea because someone suggested it.

Maybe you finished writing your manuscript and publishing a book seemed like the next logical step.

Or because you had something to say – a story or an idea – you were really passionate about.

Or you thought self-publishing a book was a way for you to make plenty of money, quick.

But now, things aren’t going the way you thought and hoped, based on what you’ve seen happen for others.

You’re why I wrote this blog post. So, by the time you get to the end of this page, you’ll see five reasons why publishing a book wasn’t the good idea you thought it was… and how to fix it.

1) You went ahead with publishing a book because someone said you should

Maybe you have a large following on social media.

Perhaps, you’re a reality TV star.

Or you’re not afraid of sharing your opinions.

And quite a good number of your posts used to go viral.

And your followers always said things like “You should publish a book”.

Or maybe some of your friends and family used to say, “You’re such a good writer. Have you ever thought of writing a book?”

So, you went ahead with publishing a book, but now the people that said you should and promised to patronise you, are not buying.

It’s not as if they don’t know the book exists; you’ve even messaged them a million times.

But they either ignore you, or tell you they’ll get back to you.

Or they say your book is too expensive. And you find yourself thinking of all the money you spent publishing a book, and resenting the people that pushed you.

Well, such is life.

Many people who goad you to do something will not be there to bear the repercussions with you, after you’ve done it.

They’ll feign deafness, blindness and being in a coma.

But there could be hope for you; read on, all is not yet lost.

2) You published a book because someone else did

Maybe it’s someone you follow on social media.

Or it’s someone you went to high school or uni with. Someone you didn’t think would amount to much, who you didn’t like back then, and you hate even more now they’re a successfully published author.

So, you thought, “Publishing a book can’t be that difficult if they did it. Afterall, is it not so-and-so that isn’t/wasn’t even all that?”

Of all the truly disturbing reasons to go ahead with publishing a book…

Do you know their motivation for publishing a book?

Do you have any idea of their resources?

What about their connections that made publishing a book possible for them?

Did you ask them?

So, how can you be in such bitterly fierce competition, in your mind, with someone who doesn’t know you’re alive – yet you’re still losing?

3) You didn’t know what you were doing before publishing a book

In order words, you had no real plan.

You did what we call publish and pray; so you just released the book, but now, nobody is buying.

Or maybe you spent a lot of money to put together a huge (physical) launch for your book.

But it yielded nothing. If anything, you’re now in debt.

Or you thought winning awards would mean becoming a bestseller = more money for you so you focus(ed) on that.

You didn’t know anything about what kind of book to write, if there’s an audience for your book, where to find that audience, how to market your book to them so they’ll really want it, where to sell your book, or even the difference between book marketing and author branding.

And you still don’t know what all these mean, or have to do with publishing a book.

So, you find yourself harassing begging your friends, family, strangers on social media and Goodreads to “Please read my book”.

I know how that feels.

Kindly register on the free training below to bring the begging and confusion to an end.

4) You believed that your publisher would do all/most of the work after publishing a book

This is a misconception that some people with traditional or hybrid publishing deals have before publishing a book.

In fact, this is the reason some writers seek out traditional publishing deals; they want to just write and relax, then the publisher will do all the work and hand them a cheque.

Or send their royalties by bank transfer.

But that doesn’t happen because even with the best intentions, there are some things no publisher can do for you.

And if they claim they will, they’re either ignorant or being dishonest with you.

There are non-negotiable things you should have known before publishing your book and the only way to resuscitate your book is to find out now.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traditionally published, self-published or something else.

Kindly register on the free training below to do so.

5) You treat(ed) your book as an end in itself

This is another popular, erroneous mindset that makes publishing a book, a bad idea.

And it’s a mindset that gives birth to not having a plan when you’re publishing a book.

While you might feel ecstatic about seeing your name on the cover of a book, what’s the reason for the book? What can it help you do or be?

My first book, Forever There For You, helped me start to be known as a certain kind of writer who focuses on certain things in very specific ways.

My second book, Because Home Is… although quite different from my first one, has a very similar thread that’s noticeable to anyone who’s a fan or just observant.

Which is why when I write as Chioma Nnani, you can expect it to be multicultural fiction for women aged 18+ who want to be strong, independent and fulfilled.

People who know, know what to expect when they see the name.

That’s personal branding because what people know you for is more than your reputation; it’s your personal brand.

There’s a reason some people can sell series – it’s because readers don’t buy just buy books. They buy messages (stories in fiction books, solutions in nonfiction books) from authors who are personal brands they know, love and trust.

So, if you treat your book as an end in itself instead of as a tool to launch, grow or solidify your business or personal brand, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice.

If you know you’ve so far done yourself a disservice when it comes to your already published book, or you don’t even know where to start to inject life into your already published book, kindly register on the free training below for your solution.

Do you feel like you now have a better idea of why publishing a book when/how/where you did, wasn’t a good idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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