Why You Should (Not) Start A Podcast


Start a podcast!
You should totally start a podcast!!
I really think I should start a podcast!!!

All stuff you’ve heard or even said.

Starting a podcast can seem like a great idea, until it doesn’t.

Or you might think about it and immediately feel overwhelmed because you’re not sure what it entails.

You just know that it looks like a lot of work, so you don’t know if you should add start a podcast to the (long?) list of things you’re already doing.

You don’t know if it’ll be worth your while cos you don’t know whether when it comes to you, the benefits will equal or outweigh any drawbacks. You really don’t know whether podcasting is really for you.

And that’s why I wrote this blog post. By the time you get to the end of this page, you’ll be better equipped to decide for yourself if you should start a podcast or not.

Read on for five simple reasons why (not).

1) You should not start a podcast because someone tells you to

Sometimes, people psyche you into doing things you really shouldn’t.

And you do those things cos you either trust the people egging you on. Or because they boost your ego.

But those people won’t be there to guide, direct or bail you out when crap hits the fan or things get tough.

Which things will, cos life.

Which is why the decision to start a podcast shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Yes, some podcasts are done for fun. But just like with everything that’s worth doing well, you should have a stronger why than my friend/momma/boo thinks it’ll be a good idea for me to start a podcast.

2) You should not start a podcast because you hear/see that everyone is doing it

This is another reason some people might get tempted to get into podcasting.

But it’s a really bad idea for this to be your reason to start a podcast because you truly don’t know the resources that the person you’re looking at, really has access to.

You don’t know what their connections are or the team they have behind them. You don’t know what they’re dealing with. So, you don’t really know their why for starting a podcast.

Appearances can be as deceptive as assumptions can be dangerous.

And you also don’t really know why their podcast is blowing up; why enter a competition with rules of engagement you haven’t studied?

3) You should not start a podcast if you’re not ready to do any work on it at all

Sure, some things are easier to do than others.

Yes, some podcasts are done for fun or started out of boredom.

And if that’s what you want, fair play to you.

But even when you have a lightning in a bottle lucky break, it’s very unlikely for real success to be sustained without hard work. Yes, even with podcasting.

There are things you’ll need to do to set up a podcast the proper way for success, which actually take time, thought and WORK.

4) You should start a podcast if you have a message that resonates with someone

Now, you’ve got some ideas about why you shouldn’t start a podcast, why should you?

People intentionally listen to podcasts for a main reason; they want to hear what the podcast has to offer.

Even when a podcast is hosted by a known personality, dedicated listeners often tune in because they want to hear what that famous person (and their guests) have to say about a particular topic.

Whether it’s books, TV shows or podcasts, people will be drawn to you if your message resonates with them. Touches them somehow. The podcast might carry your name but it is NOT about you.

So, think about this when you want to start a podcast; do you have a message that resonates with someone other than yourself? That’s a good reason for you to start a podcast.

5) You should start a podcast to launch or grow your business or personal brand

A podcast could be a really good way to launch or grow your business or personal brand.

How, you ask?

Say you’re a lawyer who wants to grow your practice. If your podcast covers topics in your niche (not the same as giving legal advice, thank you very much) and people who are interested in that niche, come to know and trust you for that, you’re probably one of the first they’ll remember if they ever need services in that area.

Or maybe you’re an older lawyer trying to mentor younger lawyers; a podcast with relevant topics, can help you start or grow that.

Same as if you’re a small business owner in another industry.

Or an individual (including but not limited to motivational speaker, author, reality TV star) who could be a personal brand.

People buy from who they know, like and trust.

That takes time and consistency to accumulate. But if your podcast makes your target audience feel taken care of on a regular basis, you may launch or grow your business or personal brand easier than someone who doesn’t have a podcast.

Do you feel like you now know for yourself whether you should start a podcast or not?

If you’ve decided you should start one, click HERE to learn how to start a podcast the easy way.

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